PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) N2 Technology


Why are Parker PSA Systems Superior to Competing Suppliers?
Parker’s nitrogen gas generators separate nitrogen from air, utilizing pressure swing adsorption technology. Air entering the generator consists of 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen. The gas separation process preferentially adsorbs oxyen over nitrogen using carbon molecular sieve (CMS), thus enabling the N2 to pass through as a product gas at pressure.

High performance and long bed life all start with good bed design, gas distribution and careful attention to air velocities and mechanical stresses on the carbon molecular sieves.


Both one and two bed units are specially charged with carbon molecular sieve (CMS). A solid state programmable controller simply operates the process valves on a cyclic basis, with built-in logic for automatic stop/start. Parker production and purity remain constant, regardless of the customer peak usage demands, by utilizing an automatic flow control valve. A continuous monitoring oxygen (O2) analyzer, with alarms and shutdown, is standard equipment.

PSA nitrogen generator - PSA generator dusíka na

All Parker systems include the key design elements shown on the illustration above as well as:
• High performance, high cycle switching valves for long, trouble-free operation.
• Automatic alarm or shut down feature tied to high feed air dew points.
• Optional Energy Efficiency Control System to automatically reduce feed air requirements during periods of low nitrogen consumption (25 TO 30%
energy savings).
• Easy leak-testing of valves, even during on-stream operation.



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